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Sarah Pichlkostner


 29.04. - 18.06.2022

Eröffnung: 28. April 2022 18 - 21 Uhr

Der Wind schüttelte die Bäume, und bald verdeckten, bald enthüllten die schwankenden Äste das Licht.
Und wogend streifte der Schein des Vollmonds die drei.
„Der Mond ist aufgegangen“, flüsterte Sentaro dem kleinen Kirschbaum zu.

Sarah Pichlkostner

Fill a hole with an Eye – not an I

Sunset on a pebbles beach. And if I am honest the sun will go up over there.
I approach the search, the finding, the missing, the noticing of the present and the absent;
the filling of the no-longer-present, or the have-not-happened.

Klack, klack as waves are hitting the shore.

If every hard stone would be a possibility, within it weighting the consequences.
I found one with a hole.
The process which leads to that shape is not a visible one,
but it can be recognized after completion by the hole (or by the signifier O).

I can’t see the difference between the sea and the sky. It’s misty.
Historically, water and its still surface served us as a mirror.
Signifier O is our time, and its asking.
Heavy eyes, broken stones.

—Sarah Pichlkostner