Ausstellungsliste nach Galerien
 Ausstellungsliste nach Künstlern

Masako Hamaguchi


 09.06. - 19.08.2017

Eröffnung am Dienstag, 8. Juni, 19-21 Uhr
Eröffnung durch Dr. Karl Bollmann
die Künstlerin ist anwesend


The word Plankton comes from Greek, meaning ‘drifter’ or ‘wanderer’. Plankton is the generic name for any organism which spends its life floating in, or on the surface of, bodies of water, at the mercy of tides, currents, and wind and rain. Of the four types of plankton (phyto- (plants), zoo- (animals), bacterio- (bacteria and archaea), and myco-plankton (fungi)) the most numerous are the phytoplankton, which is responsible for the production of a large proportion of oxygen on earth. Without them the existence of life is in question. I of course would like to claim that without jewellery our life will also be very poor. ‘Plankton’ also seems apt, as a piece of jewellery acquires its raison d’être only through association with people. Otherwise it simply floats about, like plankton.