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Thomas Feuerstein
Harkeerat Mangat

The Conversation

 22.10. - 02.12.2023

Eröffnung: 21. Oktober 2023, 18:00
Performance The Conversation um 18:30
Die Künstler sind anwesend

HARKEERAT MANGAT, Roller Coaster, 2023, Aquarell auf Papier, 70x70 cm

The Conversation is an exhibition presenting works by Harkeerat Mangat (b. 1990, Vancouver, Canada) and Thomas Feuerstein (b. 1968, Innsbruck). It is the second chapter in a three-part exhibition series, in the context of which curator Pia-Marie Remmers invites artists to choose a position from the programme of Galerie Thoman, founded in Innsbruck in 1977 for a joint exhibition. The first chapter took place from 18 May to 27 July 2023 in Vienna and brought together works by Devin Kenny and Franz West.

In his works, THOMAS FEUERSTEIN uses chemical and biological processes in order to explore economic, social, and also historical correlations. His sculptures and installations seize on the dynamics of network structures and in their composition and materiality remind us of laboratories or grotesque research facilities, where the world appears as a comprehensive organism in which everything can potentially be linked to everything else.

The works of HARKEERAT MANGAT are meticulously planned and deal with subjects and materials that evade all predictability. Influenced by his practical experience as a traditional Indian musician, he organises his films, paintings, drawings and exhibitions like musical scores, that come alive only through their interpretation. His attention focuses on processes of perception and thinking, both his own and that of his collaborators and the audience.