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Michael Kienzer

Melted into the surroundings

 09.06. - 03.09.2022

Eröffnung: 8. Juni 2022, 18 - 21 Uhr

Melted into the surroundings Vol.2, 2021
stone, aluminum, aluminium casting, plaster, acrylic glass, glass, silicone, paper
30 x 115 x 120 cm

Michael Kienzer new body of works entitled 'Melted into the surroundings' consists of objet trouvés all gathered and layered on the ground without a fixing element. They are large-sized and three-dimensional sketches with a collage-like character.

‘Melted into the surroundings Vol.2’ (2021; 115 x 120 x 30 cm) combines found materials in three different colours: silver, white and red. Remnants of a partly broken marble block and plaster build the white elements, they are combined with aluminum geometric parts like a panel, a casting of a brick and a hand modelled form (all elements already appeared in earlier works). The photograph of a gridded house façade is overlapped by transparent and red acrylic glass. Kienzer built the work in arranging the objects to a confined field and then adding more layers. The action of addition is supported simultaneously by the environment/surrounding (like a scratch or pattern in the floor) as well as associatively by the emerging form and the singular shapes given within the different objects. The developed fields of colour have a minimalistic and clear resemblance.