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Thomas Feuerstein


 06.04. - 10.08.2019

Vernissage: Donnerstag, 12. Sptember 2019, 19 Uhr
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We are anthronauts. It's not the question where we come from and where we're going that is the starting point for orientation, but the metamorphosis of the here and now.

In his exhibition ANTHRONAUT, Thomas Feuerstein assembles new works that appear like fossils from the future: graphic works on Solnhofen limestone from the Jura, which enabled the lithographic reproduction of images in great numbers in the nineteenth century, futuristic fossilisations, an imaginary library, pictures made of blood rain algae, as well as an oracle as artificial intelligence, all these open up a story about our present.
Serving as a symbol of transformation and change is the sculpture SUBCONSCIOUS, a submarine made of zinc. It swims in an electrolyte, produces the energy for the ship's propellor, and slowly dissolves. The temporal layering of past, present and future is replaced by the pictorial transition of matter, energy and information.

ANTHRONAUT takes us on a journey beyond space and time, navigating through the substance of matter. In the process, hidden layers rise from the depth and uncover forms that become the medium of our future.