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Anastasiya Yarovenko

height width length

 ab 16.03.2019

Vernissage: am Samstag, dem 16. März 2019, um 12:00 Uhr
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Anastasiya Yarovenko: "Untitled", 2018, Foto: Richard Zazworka

Measurements determine norms - norms that define the space humans are claiming, is what Anastasiya Yarovenko is focussing on. With the exhibition height width lenghtthe artist is approaching the idea and the concept of the norm in society. Even though standardized and universalized values are repeatedly negotiated, all systems finally rely on them. In this contradictory field of tension, the artist attempts re-measuring the exhibition space herself.
height width lenghtis speaking of "being norm-al". The term itself is constantly used to describe our world and at the same is narrowing it down to sort it. The exhibition shows, that normalizing physical and cognitive space equally means to set its limits. But also, that only their disclosure enables to break them down.
Anastasiya Yarovenko was awarded 2015 with the Prize of the Kunsthalle Wien. In 2016 the artist received the prestigious MAK-Schindler Stipend and realized the exceptional "60 Gallon" project in Los Angeles. Yarovenko lives and works in Vienna, she has exhibited internationally in Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Germany and the USA. Her work has been shown at the 6th Biennial of Contemporary Art Moscow and the Kyiv Biennial - the School of Kyiv in 2015, amongst others.