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works from the collection of Alain Servais, Hampus Lindwall, Robert Bielecki and Li Zhen

Krinzinger Projekte
 05.11.2015 - 06.02.2016

Vernissage: am Mittwoch, den 4. November 2015, um 19:00 Uhr

exhibition maker Domenico Quaranta
in the context of CCC (Curators Collectors Collaborations)

The fourth and last part of the CCC (Curators Collectors Collaborations), Mankind / Machinekind is an exhibition conceived by collectors Alain Servais and Hampus Lindwall, and involving curator Domenico Quaranta in the role of exhibition maker. Featuring a selection of works from the Servais and Lindwall collections, along with works from international lenders Robert Bielecki (USA) and Li Zhen (Asia), the exhibition focuses on the practice of collecting the digital - a relatively young practice that started when, around the turn of the millennium, “born digital” art practices started finding their own way into the art market thanks to the dedication of a few galleries and the interest of some brave collectors.
In recent years, the market for art using digital means and responding to the issues of our digital age has grown with the advent of special interest art fairs and even auctions. However, concerns about the immaterial nature of digital information, its easy copy-ability and the possibility to effectively preserve hardware and software still make collecting digital art quite rare, despite its cultural relevance. Mankind / Machinekind is an attempt to show how it can happen, through a selection of seminal works from private collections.

Featuring works by AIDS-3D, Juliette Bonneviot, Christophe Bruno, Ian Cheng, Petra Cortright, John Gerrard, Jean-Baptiste Michel, Manfred Mohr, Jon Rafman, JoDi (Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans), Tianzhuo Chen, Taylor Holland, Evan Roth, Raphael Rozendaal, LigoranoReese, UBERMORGEN.

Rafael Rozendaal,