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Klára Rudas + Hajnalka Tulisz

 03.06. - 31.07.2021


Eröffnung am Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2021, 14-19 Uhr

Klára Rudas, Shadow as object, 42 x 30 cm

   The only see two things as opposite ones if they are quite similar to each other.

Covering and appearing, paradoxical and real correspondences, “opposites and opposites” characterize the works of Klára Rudas and Hajnalka Tulisz depicting abstract forms, as well as their exhibition in the dynamics of poetry, metaphysical thinking and humor.

The structure of their exhibition reveals the working method of the artists as well: the excerpts from Tulisz’s text The Order of Life, as a starting point for common reflection, "lead" to works, while both the pages displaying the poems and some of the works appear in tiny forms from concrete - as equal elements of a spatial systems.
But the relationship between text and image - the question "What are the pleasures?" displayed together with diagrams in a coordinate system - seems ironic rather than harmonic. Does the scientific method then allow us to map the communicative possibilities of abstract forms with methods of perspective developed to capture spatiality? To all this, the object that breaks the path of the light and the shadow itself proved to be both artists a tool and a metaphor for their collaboration.

      The place where only a segment of an illuminating ray of light hits the surface we may see a penumbra. Two intersecting fields of penumbras are projected onto each other, they deepen and become more intense. I only believe that a feeling is real when it meets with another one. Reality is just like an intersection of two penumbras.

An object defined as a shadow, even as a white shadow appears in one of Hajnalka Tulisz's works, while abstract planes as objects articulate his photographic spaces, due to the absence of shadows. In the paintings of Klára Rudas, a planar abstract form appears as an "object", sometimes in the place of something else, sometimes in the shadow of something else, but defined as real object, it refers to the painting as an abstracting process and to the painting as an object present in space.

      Just to be on the safe side we may use a childproofing device to lock our drawers. By the time the kids had already acquired the skills to open the ratchets, they might understand language as well and there is no need for these tools anymore. The level of difficulty, shape, and structure of the locks are many and varied, such as our pictures and poems. They are aids to avoid an accident until we have clarified something.

So the works that offer the possibility of a process of interpretation in a witty, dynamic and playful-ironic form and the presentation and artistic forms that allow both juxtaposition and collision give the viewer a sense of the intensity of personal presence, of the immersive present - the present moment and presence - and of the infinity of time provide, and the exhibition is offered as a space for the present, as a space for active, creative reception and communication.

Erzsébet Pilinger (Budapest, May, 2021)

Klára Rudas: "An Object in Front of Something Else's Background", 2021, oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm

The passages in italics are texts by Klára Rudas and Hajnalka Tulisz titled Opposites and opposites, Shadows and Conversation