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Ross Sinclair

Neue Bilder

  15.11. - 30.12.2000


Eröffnung: Dienstag, 14. November 2000, 19.00 Uhr

Ross Sinclair´s
work points to his interest in the contrasting nature of the outside and inside of things. Within his structures the audience finds themselves outside the traditional site for art and, paradoxically, inside the work itself. The great dualities in his work, at times harmonious and at times schizophrenic, but always honest about the intimacy of opposites, are: the real and the spectacular, the public and the private, the content and the context, the object and the event.

What interests Sinclair is establishing an inquiry into the indivisible juncture between mediated experiences and real experiences. He is not seeking to criticise one and champion the other, but rather to measure, research and exhibit the relationship between the two. "REAL LIFE", tattooed in large, bold capitals across Sinclair´s shoulder blades mediates the reception of the artist´s body, an alteration not only affecting the view of others but also his own view of himself. For Sinclair, the text appliquéd into his skin provides his own living, breathing, ageing content with an everpresent, portable context, and at the same time his body provides a site for what might be perceived as a work of art. Once familiar with his working method it is hard to imagine Sinclair confining his practice solely to either artinstitutions or public spaces. The public are being asked to assist a project with their attention and cooperation and this process itself is an art process. Site is approached not simply in terms of architecture or geography, but also in terms of history, social function and contemporary reality. For Sinclair art exists primarily as event rather than object. He tries to make new work for each site he add-resses, and finds it difficult to divide the exhibition from the moment of making. His best work appears unfinished, precisely because it is still going on.

(Textauszüge aus dem Katalog: Ross Sinclair REAL LIFE And How To Live It; The Fruitmarket Gallery 2000, Edinburgh .)

Auf Ihr Kommen freut sich Ihr Hans Knoll.


gallerynight am 15.11.2000, ab ca. 18.00- 22.00 in den Galerien:
Galerie am Park, Cult, IG Bildende Kunst, Knoll, Kunstbüro, Lindner,
Mezzanin und Sehsaal mit abschliessender Party im Club Osmosis im
Palmenhaus im Burggarten.