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Csaba Nemes

Russian art scene in the flow of information

 18.04. - 30.05.2007


Vernissage: am Mittwoch, den 31. Jänner 2006, um 19.00 Uhr

Gate-keeper is a term from media theory that defines a mediator between information and wide audience. The clearance of information at the border of their interaction depends on him. This term let us know that information basically isn't free and that there is somebody who controls its flow slowing down or accelerating some of its aspects. It's supposed that gate-keeper is a background figure that took hold of the part of public authority that doesn't belong to him. Because of their role in the representational process artists also can be regarded as gate-keepers though their role in the clearance of information is discussable. Probably that's an artist himself who is trying to stop up with his existential effort the flow of information has to struggle with the unlashed elementary forces which clear him for the contact with beautiful and sublime. The project proposes to look at the situation in the Russian contemporary art through the given metaphor. The participants, transmitting in the art space this or that aspects of reality which are also in the focus of interest of mass-media, make the spectator think about its trustiness.