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Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz


 18.01. - 18.03.2006



Alexander Brener

1957 born in Alma-Ata. Studied Philology in Pedagogical Institute (Leningrad). 1989 -emigration to Israel. Worked as a journalist and then street artist in Tel Aviv. 1992-1996 lived and worked in Moscow as an artist, poet, artcritic. Published 10 poetry books. Since 1997 mainly based in Europe and works as an artist and writer.

Barbara Schurz

1973 born in Klagenfurt, Studied at the University of Vienna (Slavistic,Women-studies), at the Freie Klasse Wien and at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Conceptual Art), lives and works in different cities (Vienna, London, Berlin) as an artist and writer.