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Csaba Nemes

"His Environment"

  30.03. – 29.05.2004


Vernissage: am Dienstag, dem 30. März 2004, um 19:00 Uhr

Csaba Nemes, geboren 1966 in Budapest, wurde in den 80er Jahren bekannt durch seine konzeptuellen Arbeiten sowie durch Projekte im öffentlichen Raum in Budapest.

Die neuen Werke präsentieren einen milden Blick auf die derzeitige Umgebung des Künstlers in Budapest: die neuen Häuser vor allem am Stadtrand, die von der neuen Mittelschicht, dem neuen Bürgertum, gebaut werden. Die Ausstellung zeigt neue Malerei mit Ansichten nicht nur aus Budapest, sondern auch aus Wien.

His Environment
For ten years I had made artworks mainly on the intermedia-field focused on several identity problems. The most typical or extrem example of this period was the "Name-changing" project (1995-1998). I had changed my name with another artist, so I used his name as an artist name and he used my name as an artist name. We had an official contract made by the Hungarian federal law. During the three years of the Name-changing I had learned a lot about myself, and I had a chance to see my work from a very different view. My artwork became more and more personal, step by step, not like I did before when I was more interested in artworks, which were more cool and analysing type. Some year ago I have started to work with drawings and paintings. It is not only that I have changed the genre of my art but also my attitute is different now. I am more interested in images what are from my everydays. I try to concentrate on my journeys, the landscapes I see, the feelings what I feel, the erotic of my relationships. It is very important to me to grasp the intimacy of a moment, somewhat to conserve a sensual image. I follow my instincts when I decide what to paint. I do my best to have playful, light brushstroke with a well built composition. I feel an inner structure of the view that I rebuild on the picture. I enjoy the colors as a sort of music of the surface. To paint the everydays is full with poésie and it is tempting for me to record it.

Csaba Nemes, Wien, June 2003