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AES+F „Le Roi de la Foret“

  08.06. - 27.07.2002


Eröffnung: am Samstag 08.06.2002, ab 10 Uhr
(Galerienfrühstück und Galerientag der Wiener Festwochen)
mit Videopräsentation 10 - 18 Uhr „Le Roi des Aulnesâ“, 9’05’’, 2001-2002, by AES (=Betitelung unserer Fotoanlage)

AES+F: Tatjana Aramasova, Lev Evzovich, Evgeny Svyatsky and photographer Vadim Fridkes „Le Roi de la Forêt“ („The King of the Forest“) is the mythological creature of Europe (first in Denmark as King of Elves). It kidnaps beautiful children and hides them in his palace. This plot was used in poem by J.W. Goethe and in the novel of Michel Tournier. The project „Le Roi de la Forêt“ is a series of performances in the different countries (Russia, Thailand, etc.). As a result we will have a series of photograph and video with sound.

The project concerns the theme of the corporate identity of professional children. The massmedia image of humankind became younger and younger last decade.

The teens from Calvin Klein’s advertising models and pop stars, who starts the carriers from the childhood, young heroes of tennis - all the media world in the beginning of new millennium is unusually young and sometimes extremely young, for example pamper’s commercials.

For the first performance in the throne hall of the Catherine II. palace in Pushkin tower near St. Petersburg we chose more then two hundred pupils of the special ballett and sport schools and some children from model agencies from St. Petersburg, all of them from 3,5 to 11 years old. We did not ask the children for special poses, but they behaved themselves in front of camera as well as experienced media stars from cover stories.(TANK, Volume No 2, Issue 5. London, 2001)

HINWEIS: Die arabische Version findet im Mai 2002 in Kairo statt. Dieses Projekt wird im MAK Wien November 2002 mit dem Titel „More than Paradise“ präsentiert.

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