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Galerie V & V

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März und April 2019

Wu Mian(China) - rejuvenation


Die chinesische Künstlerin Wu Mian spürt den weltweiten Produktionsmechanismen nach und vermischt die Statussymbole der westlichen Gesellschaft. Mit traditionellen Materialen und handwerklicher Präzision schafft Sie so eine Verjüngung des ursprünglichen Erscheinigungsbilds:“rejuvenation”

In jewellery production, a single mould can reproduce thousands of identical products. Even in a small factory, you can easily find the mould of Cartier’s leopard, Tiffany’s key and Van Cleef&Arpels’ clover. They have lost the connection with the expensive price and the symbol of luxury as presented in those boutique stores, but become a shape that can be copied again and again. This is the most realistic scene in our jewellery industry. As the world's most significant production and processing base, the design is absent here, only left replication and copying.

My work is motivated by such context of jewellery production. In mass production, the various errors will lead to a large number of defective products. They are unqualified copies, but in this way, they obtain the uniqueness that other copies are missing. The copy of a copy produces a unique work. The various familiar shapes from those prestigious brands superimpose layer by layer, which digested the value and symbol of the original brands. Thus, the lifeless replication and the worthless defects gain a new life. Wu Mian