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Galerie V & V

Die V & V Vitrine

März und April 2012


Maria Koshenkova (RUS / DK)

"voltage" consist of 2 different collectios of jewellery

1 : scultural pieces made of silvester and mixed media.
2 : jewellery made of recycled cable and miced media.
Both colletions representing the idea of the relations bewteen tha man - made, technically engineered world and the bio - animalistics aesthetics. Therse are the similar concepts that I explore in my artworks.
Chain . is endless structure used bye humas for thousand of years yet still has the ability to be unique . It bears strong sybolic meaning at the same givey me freedom to concentrae on porportions, colours and conversation of materials. in many pieces I use all possilr kineds of used cables from throw out electronic devises (which gave me the idea for title "voltage") combining them with Raised in St Petersbrgr Academy of Art, currently living and Working in Copenhagen, Denmark