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Donald Baechler

recent works on paper

 11. 9. - 9. 11. 2001


about Donald Baechler´s work (Interview´s extract)

Martin Prinzhorn: I want to follow the thing you told me last time-the importance of children's drawings as a kind of starting point in your work.(...) I wonder what is the relation of children's drawings to your work-how do you see this?

Donald Baechler: Well that's an interesting question. And an interesting subject. I think at a certain point I know what Dr. Prinzhorn was thinking when he thought these drawings are not art. Up to the point when there's no identity attached to them, they're some anonymous sort of thing that exists in the world-a visual information that exists in the world. But at a point where there is an identity-the artists produce one drawing, and then they produce a hundred drawings, and then it's an artist with a body of work-then I think you can no longer ignore that that's art by an artist, whether he's insane or whether it's a child producing a body of work. I tend to be interested, for my own purposes, in things I find on the street or things drawn on toilet walls or things drawn by someone I meet in a bar, who maybe has never made a drawing since he was five years old and which somehow don't exist as part of someone's identity as an artist or as a human being who makes drawings, whether he's an artist or a hospital patient or a child. I'm not really interested in a dialog or a collaboration with someone else who has a clear visual identity. And I'm always looking for clues to my own way of making drawings in these things that I find and then sometimes use. Or which become the basis for my own graphic explorations. Does that answer your question at all?