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Maiza Hixson/ Sarah Lyon/ Cynthia Norton

 17.01. - 24.02.2006


Vernissage: am Dienstag ,den 17. Jänner 2006, um 18.00 Uhr

Nowhere" is an exhibition that uses the city as a means of addressing the perceptions of place and identity that are projected from both inside and outside. The artists in the exhibition all work in Louisville, Kentucky, a city whose urban population is about the size of Graz, situated on the cusp of the South and the Midwest of the United States. Their work concentrates upon localized material in a critical manner in order to raise questions about "who do we think we are" and "who do others think we are." In using images relating to the place they inhabit, the artists in the exhibition bring into play clichés that are part of the everyday idea of what this place is. However, theirs is not a celebration of clichés but a  critical engagement with them. Subverting the region's parochial impulse to reify a mythologized, autonomous culture, they engage place and history as mechanisms to suggest other, more real identities. They transform the provincial from an insular "nowhere" struggling to identify and promote its own perceived sense of itself, into a "nowhere" that is the product of marginalization by the dominant centers. In turn, this reflection upon external perceptions fractures the outsider's image of a parochial provincial place. These artists engage the dominant center by questioning projected identities, so that this "nowhere" is no quite the same as any other "nowhere." Julien Robson