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  07.03. - 24.03.2005



Art-Robe : Women artists in a nexus of art and fashion

Headquarters - Hall Ségur
7 place de Fontenoy
75007 Paris
Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 6 PM

Reception: Tuesday 8 March 2005, 6.30 PM

UNESCO is celebrating International Women's Day in 2005 by honoring women artists whose numbers increase every day as avant-garde artists in the contemporary art world. Around 20 international artists who use elements of fashion in their work are invited to take part in the exhibit "Art-robe : Women artists at the nexus of art and fashion"

Clothing is a second skin: it is the sign of identity and the expression of a culture. Many contemporary artists use clothes to communicate about the human body, memory, history or a way of being. Fashion and the many images it creates also lead artists to explore the realms of desire and appearance. Women artists have made particularly sensitive and varied contributions to that exploration, using clothes as well as many other elements of fashion resources.

The exhibit "Art-Robe: Women artists at the nexus of art and fashion" brings together 26 artists with divers backgrounds: Ghada Amer; Maja Bajevic; Louise Bourgeois; Cat Chow; Colette; Sylvie Fleury; Régina Frank; Marie-Ange Guilleminot; FNO (Natalya Pershina-Yakimanskaya et Olga Egorova); Gudrun Kampl; Majida Khattari; Kimsooja; Yayoi Kusama; Ryuriko Murayama; Lucy Orta; Donna Rosenthal; Nicole Tran Ba Vang; Janaina Tschape; Joanna Unzueta; Yim Ja-hyuk; Yin Xiuzhen; Pinar Yolacan; Andrea Zittel; and with special participation of the Countess Setsuko Klossovska de Rola and Dorette Kuster-Oehlers.

The curator for the exhibition is Kim Airyung, an art-critic based in Paris, assisted by Claudia Steinberg, fashion journalist in New York.