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Barthelemy Toguo

The AIDS issue cannot be solved thanks to the distribution of condoms

 09.05. - 06.06.2009


Vernissage: am Freitag, den 08. Mai 2009, ab 18:00 Uhr

Ausstellung im Rahmen von curated by_ vienna 09

Barthelemy Toguo, the well-known multifaceted artist from The Cameroons (born 1967), has chosen as a theme for his second Viennese exhibition: "The AIDS issue cannot be solved thanks to the distribution of condoms." Benedict XVIth The visitors are invited to participate in a discussion on the subject of AIDS apropos the recent declarations made during his March 2009 visit to the Cameroons by pope Benedict concerning the use of condoms.
Immediately on entering the gallery you are taken: your eyes fall upon a "porn movie", a documentary filmed on the main market of Bafoussam in the Grasslands and you can hear the local people freely discussing on the subject. It's a fireworks of pros and cons...
The main exhibition room has been transformed into a hospital-ward, the visitors stumbles on beds and mosquito nets as if he had come to see the sick. In spite of the apparent cosyness there is a pervading, ominous atmosphere.
Religious dignitaries whose portraits hang on the walls contemplate the scene, they obviously have already taken sides.
Drawings and collages by the artist depicting graphic sex show how derelict the Church is, evoking the exclusion of women from priesthood by the Catholic Church, the prohibition of marriage for the priests, of condoms or gay marriage. The Church is dying, the Church has become obsolescent.
In the basement of the gallery, Barthelemy Toguo shows video films on the subject of the confrontation of two elements, water and fire.