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Kranister Galerie

 Elfriede Maria Kranister,
  Ilir Martini

 from 24.06.2010

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The Kranister Gallery presents painters and sculpturers who create charismatic art. The artwork itself is the only important factor, not the name of the artist.

It is my vision to find people who are enthusiastic for the artwork shown. In this case, the money spent is also an excellent investment.

"Spend money to enjoy art"
is my advice for people who want to buy paintings or sculptures. I suggest to buy art not merely for speculative reasons.

You can choose from between approximatly 300 works of art by more than 10 artists from 5 European countries, shown in a historical atmosphere on 2 floors (150 square meters).You can even visit the artist's atelier, the "Painter's Tower"!

If you are interested, it will be my pleasure to invite you to a showing with a complementary wine tasting.Should you decide to buy a work, you will get a free copy of my book about the female Austrian painter "Hermine Ostersetzer 1874-1909", or "Dornröschen wurde wachgeküsst", a book about the Gallery and its surroundings.

Should you plan to visit Vienna, don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail! I would be more than happy to assist you.

Go to the KunstNET ARTshop to see more paintings by E.M. Kranister.



Creative Management

Leopoldstrasse 26
3400 Klosterneuburg
12 min. from
downtown Vienna
Tel&Fax: 02243/36719
Tel: 02243/34 046


Opening Hours:

Open on appointment anytime



Eva Maria Neuper
Ragnhild RØD
Monika Schönbacher-

Kurt Ammann
Juliana Dubrikova
Fabien Guillot
Fateev ART Family
Joon-Wong Han &
Jee-Won Jo.

Grete Blüm &
Mario Wesecky

Valentina Koleva
Gustav Just
Elfi Maria Kranister
Heribert Mader
Elfi Maria Kranister
Anton Galko & Anna Galkova
Hermine Heller Ostersetzer
Eleonore Hettl, Wilhelm Kollar
Gertrud Birgfellner, Wojciech Laskowski

Open House
Christina Tsialis
8 Malerinnen
Grünzweig, Liska, Schörg
Zeitzeugen - Zeitbilder
Gabriela Sack-Neumann
Gustav Just